02 Junho 2024 M14

ALOK (they/them), an internationally renowned poet, comedian, public speaker, and actor, is known for works like “Beyond the Gender Binary.” They've performed in over 40 countries, with highlights including Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Kennedy Center.

ALOK is featured in Hannah Gadsby's “Gender Agenda” on Netflix and will appear at the Netflix is a Joke Festival in May 2024. Described as “provocative and powerful,” ALOK has received numerous awards, including from the ACLU and the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment.
They are the focus of a Sundance Festival 2024 docu-short produced by Jodie Foster. ALOK also stars in “Complicated Order,” “The Trans List,” HBO Max’s “SORT OF,” Hulu’s “Planet Sex,” and other notable screen appearances. 

Produtor: UAU

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